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Financial Planning Analyst - Livestream MiraCosta College

Financial planning is a growth industry as more consumers become concerned with retirement income planning and other financial goals. There are new positions opening and there are many retiring planners, which create hiring opportunities. A Financial Planning Analyst works side-by-side with experienced planning professionals creating financial plans.

You will help gather and organize the data for the plan. You then will use specialized planning software to model scenarios to test the limits of the financial plan. Your importance to the planning firm is creating planning reports that the professional uses to coach clients in their finances. Jobs exist in two-person offices up to mega-firms such as Merrill Lynch and UBS.

This entry-level position is foundational to a career path leading to Certified Financial Planner® status.

This is a 52-hour livestream instruction course and will require self-study and computer practice. There will be guest speakers from the financial planning industry to broaden the outlook of the class.

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Note: Students will need to have access to a computer during and away from class-time. Access to a computer is required both during class time and for homework purposes. An internet connection with the ability to upload and download is the minimum requirement as much of the class will be interactive work needing a sustainable connection. A working webcam and microphone are also required as these will be Zoom (Webex, etc...) sessions needing personal interaction with the instructor and in groups. There will be short breaks during classes.

Tuition $1,100    Earlybird $770 before 2/12!

Schedule Information

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2/23/2021 - 3/23/2021      Weekly - Tue, Wed, Thu      5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Topics covered include:

Concepts of Financial Planning Track
Module 1: Introduction to Financial Planning.
Module 2: Present and Future Value
Module 3: Risk and Return Concepts
Module 4: Principles of Asset Allocation in Investing
Module 5: Strategic Investing
Module 6: Importance of Tax Planning
Module 7: Loans and Financial Planning
Module 8: Principles of Insurance
Module 9: Planning for College and Graduate School
Module 10: Financial Planning for Business Owners
Module 11: Planning for Retirement and in Retirement
Module 12: Non-cash Compensation
Module 13: Basics of Estate Planning

Practical Application of Financial Planning Concepts Track
Module 1: Financial Planning Software: ePlan
Module 2: Using Present and Future Value in ePlan
Module 3: Applying Risk and Return in a Flexible ePlan
Module 4: Managing Asset Allocations in ePlan
Module 5: Implementing Varied Investment Strategies in ePlan
Module 6: Identifying Use of Tax Planning in ePlan
Module 7: Modeling Loans and Credit in ePlan
Module 8: Using Insurance Product to Offset Risk in ePlan
Module 9: Modeling Accumulations for College and Graduate School Costs in ePlan
Module 10: Including Business Ownership in ePlan
Module 11: Retirement Planning and Retiree Planning in ePlan
Module 12: Modeling Non-cash Compensation in ePlan
Module 13: Building a Flexible Estate Plan in ePlan



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