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1. Topics1) Financial Planninga) Elements of a financial planb) The planning processc) Professional assistance available 2) Structured Distributionsa) Liquidity for expensesb) Rebalancing to create cash flowc) Which accounts to tap – taxable or tax-deferredd) Asset allocation during retirement 3) Wealth Transfera) Identify potential legacy assets a...

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About the AVL 55+ Financial Fitness Meetup Group

AVL 55+ Financial Fitness 1. Purpose: a Group that meets regularly to discuss the financial challenges of the 55+ 2. Sponsored by the non-profit Oahu Adventures Foundation, Inc. 3. Home page: https://oafound.org/avl-55-plus-home-page  4. Method: In a casual setting (library, conference room, etc.) a presenter will provide information about a s...

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Financial Planning Analyst Course and Career information

Review the course information at the link below. Financial Planning Analyst Career Starter Course - Oahu Adventures Foundation, Inc. Financial Planning Analyst - Livestream MiraCosta College Click for the Catalog Entry Questions?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  https://bit.ly/MCCCatalogFPA     https://oafound.org/edu...

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Medicare Educational Resources for Medicare Beneficiaries (or about to be!)

Here are links to resources you can use to educate yourself on your Medicare Benefits and Insurance Options. Open Enrollment is here to allow changes from one Medicare Advantage Plan to Another: See your options HERE   Thinking of changing Medicare options? See your options HERE When to sign up for Medicare HERE    Medicare.gov ...

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