Oahu Adventures Foundation, Inc.

Mission Statement

We support activities that promote leadership training and scuba diving for several audiences. We do this by raising money, creating and delivering programs, and funding other like-minded organizations.

First, we develop youth through leadership training, environmental awareness and action, and teaching employable skills through scuba diving instruction and participation. We do this in conjunction with other nonprofits such as Project Aware, Ocean Conservancy, the Boy Scouts of America, and others appropriate to our youth development goal. We provide opportunities for youth to participate fully in projects that develop leadership, environmental awareness, and employable skills.

Second, we continue to develop adjunct leadership training methods and materials to support the teaching of dive professionals to be leaders not just teachers.

Third, we support the special hard and soft cost needs associated with diving with a handicap. We do this through raising and distributing money to offset costs of equipment, instruction, diving, and dive travel that can be much higher than average. We also support the research, cataloguing, and communicating of the best ways for handicapped divers to enjoy dive travel.

Fourth, we use our leadership training research and expertise to develop programming for the non-diving community such as our Five Star Leadership® methodology. We support leadership training such as Philmont Training Center of the BSA.




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