Past Topics

1. Topics
1) Financial Planning
a) Elements of a financial plan
b) The planning process
c) Professional assistance available

2) Structured Distributions
a) Liquidity for expenses
b) Rebalancing to create cash flow
c) Which accounts to tap – taxable or tax-deferred
d) Asset allocation during retirement

3) Wealth Transfer
a) Identify potential legacy assets and goals for the assets
b) Plan for transfer during life
c) Plan for transfer at death

4) Social Security Income
a) Qualifying for Social Security Income
b) When to take benefits depends on your needs and goals
c) Strategies for taking income benefits
d) Working while receiving income benefits

5) Longevity Risks
a) Estimate how long money needs to last
b) Take Social Security Income strategically
c) Asset allocate appropriately
d) Determine a sustainable withdrawal rate
e) Monitor your plan

6) Long-Term Care
a) What is and isn't long-term care
b) What are "activities of daily living"
c) What are the costs of long-term care
d) What are the chances of needing long-term care
e) How to pay for long-term care

7) Health Insurance
a) Before age 65
b) Medicare options
c) Ancillary insurance

8) Life Insurance
a) How does life insurance fit into a financial plan
b) Types of life insurance
c) Qualifying for life insurance
d) Using cash value for retirement income
e) What to do with an unneeded policy

9) Risk Management
a) Property and Casualty risks
b) Longevity risks
c) Healthcare expense risk
d) Inflation risk
e) Asset allocation risks
f) Excess withdrawal risk

10) Retirement Planning
a) When can you retire
b) Start planning early
c) How much money do you need in retirement
d) Prioritize financial and personal goals
e) Inventory assets available for retirement
f) Allocate investments appropriately

11) Estate Planning
a) Plan for distributions during life and at death
b) Documents
c) Trusts or not
d) Trustees, powers of attorney, signatories on accounts

12) Retirement Income
a) Prepare a financial inventory
b) Review catch-up options in IRAs and qualified plans
c) Plan your living space and transportation
d) Factor in healthcare costs
e) Decide when to take Social Security income
f) Plan for taxes both income and property
g) Evaluate a phased retirement

13) Financial planning for divorce
a) Determine goals
b) Plan before asking for a divorce
c) Gather information
d) Devise settlement strategies
e) Consider changes to estate plans
f) Professional assistance

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