Funding for Leadership Development for Non-Profits

Most non-profits do not have extra money for leadership training and yet their volunteers and paid staff would benefit greatly from these programs. Executives at large for-profit companies have thousands of dollars available for their leadership development programs, but non-profits invest their money in their beneficiaries first. Oafound.org through its Five Star Leadership® effort provides the professional education available at these expensive executive programs at a fraction of the cost. This is possible only because of our volunteer development and program staff and by presenting workshops at low-cost facilities such as libraries rather than resorts.

There are costs, though, that donations subsidize. A big effort oafound.org wants to fund this year is to create a incubator for leadership development in a co-op form. Non-profit leadership will come together locally, in La Costa, CA first, to build out a sharing platform much like Vistage® is for profit-organization executives. Initially called the La Costa Leadership Co-op, it is hoped that this will become a model for sharing locally with a national presence. This effort will take money initially, money that is not available in the budgets of the non-profits.

Please help this effort with whatever amount you can. Thank you.

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Thank you in advance for your generosity. If you have any questions, go to our homepage and there is a form at the bottom to send oafound.org a message.

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