Scouting Your Way to the Best Colleges: now on Amazon

Scouting Your Way to the Best Colleges: 

when "Eagling-out" leads to "Eagling-in"

by David F. Smith, Ph.D., Eagle Scout, Harvard '79

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The college admissions environment today is as competitive as it has ever been. At the center of the admissions process are people making definitive decisions about whether you will get into their college. Your job is to sell those people on your character, your capacity to learn, and your abilities as a leader. 

For the fortunate few who are Eagle Scouts, this is an easy sale. Earning your Eagle Scout rank required outstanding personal values, intellectual curiosity and originality, and tons of being led and leading others. Unfortunately, there is little help available to assist you in turning those wonderful Scouting experiences into a sales portfolio.

Scouting Your Way to the Best Colleges fills that vacuum. This book will lead you through a proven sales process. You will gather your Scouting memories and achievements to build the case that you are worthy to be chosen. You will exemplify why people have such high regard for Eagle Scouts such as Neil Armstrong, James Brady, and Gerald Ford. You will win that coveted place at your chosen college.

David F. Smith, Ph.D. earned his Eagle Scout rank in 1971. He graduated in 1979 from Harvard College with a bachelor's degree in economics. He assists high school seniors by interviewing for admissions to Harvard. When David participates in Eagle Boards of Review, he is amazed by how great these youth are. However, he rarely has a Harvard candidate energetically use Eagle Scout rank as an asset for consideration for admission. He wrote this book to change that.

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