Medicare Educational Resources for Medicare Beneficiaries (or about to be!)

Here are links to resources you can use to educate yourself on your Medicare Benefits and Insurance Options.

When to sign up for Medicare HERE   

  • Medicare.gov explanation of the various dates and life events you need to be aware of
How to file a complaint (grievance) HERE   
  • We hope you never have to, but here is how
All about Prescription Drug Coverage in Medicare Part D HERE  
  • Prescription Drugs are not part of Original Medicare, so here are your options 

Aetna's Educational Video on The Parts of Medicare (3 minutes) HERE

  • A quick overview of Part A, B, C Advantage, and Part D

5 Minute Educational Video on Medicare Options HERE

  • Expands on the parts of Medicare to show insurance choices you can make

15 Minute video "Understanding Your Medicare Benefits and Options" HERE

  • Deeper presentation on Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug Plans, and Medigap Supplemental Coverage
Easy website to Search and Compare Medicare Plans HERE
  • For Plans with effective dates in 2020 - Coming soon for Plans with effective dates in 2021, including Annual Enrollment Changes
Will you make the $94,000 mistake? HERE
  • Compares the out-of-pocket costs of an extended hospital stay with and without a Medigap Supplement Policy
Don't count on Medicare alone when traveling out of the U.S.A. HERE
  • A reminder that Medicare is NOT COVERAGE outside of the country

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